Our church is found in Barnhill, part of Broughty Ferry by Dundee. We would love to have you join us for church this weekend. You can find directions to our church at the bottom of this page.

Personnel & Structure

Ministry Team consists of:-

  • A full-time Minister (position of unrestricted call vacant at present);
  • A part-time pastoral assistant to assist the minister with the pastoral needs of the congregation is employed for 3 half-days per week;
  • A part-time youth worker is employed for 7 hours per week with extra hours available if required;
  • A part-time family worker is being actively considered at present with a view to working 7 hours per week with extra hours available if required
  • Two organists are also employed on a job-share basis.

Support Staff:-

  • A part-time secretary is employed to support the Ministry Team for 4 mornings per week during school term time. The office is a great support and is an invaluable resource which is pivotal to the smooth running and enables the co-ordination of the many activities that take place within the Church and Hall complex. This is much appreciated by the Ministry Team, Leadership Team and Kirk Session.
  • A cleaning team are employed to clean both Church and Hall complex.
  • Constitution – a Unitary Constitution was adopted in 2015:-
    • A small leadership team meets monthly;
    • Kirk Session consisting of 55 Elders (22 men and 33 women) meet quarterly and as required;

    The following committees report to the Leadership Team:-

    • Fellowship;
    • Nurture;
    • Outreach;
    • Pastoral Visitors and Care Team;
    • Property;
    • Stewardship and Finance;
    • Hall Management Committee;
    • Health and Safety Committee (this is a newly formed Committee).

    Financial Situation:-

    In 2016 the ordinary general income of the congregation amounted to £167,925 of which £131,450 came from offerings.  The Ministry and Mission levy was £94,449.  Each Committee has their own budget, as does the Minister.